Toby Abbott

President – Toby Abbott
Round Pen Ministries
Terrell TX


Pastor Toby Abbott has been an ordained minister since February 2003

I have actually known the Lord since I was 8 years old. I can’t remember a time that I did not know the Lord. But when I turned 31, I found myself in a downward spiral. I was living in a little ol’ cowboy shack in Dalhart, Texas. I was an all-popular “XIT Rodeo Director” living the big life, or so I thought. I was running with the ladies, drinking till dawn and going to rodeos week after week. My life was spinning out of control, until one night in the middle of my living room floor, I found myself on my knees. At this point I was lonely, tired, and scared of what I had become. Ya see, I had backslidden. I knew that God had called me several years before, but I ran because I was not “one of those preachers.” After I was through running, I found myself on my knees; and, at that point, what God had for me was much better than what I had created of my own free will.

That confession started a chain reaction in my life that would take me where I never thought possible. God’s grace took me to a new level of understanding of His love for me and what I can do for Him. Now I preach and teach the Word of God anywhere I can find souls to listen. I train horses; and, well, sometimes they train me. But everything I do is set on changing folks just like I used to be, and telling them about the love of Jesus, our Wonderful Lord and Savior. From where I was to where I am now, God has followed me each step of the way. I try to do the same with the people I minister to. It took me a while to knock off that ol’ pride and get a few knocks on the head. But, years later, I’m pretty well on my way. I’m preaching and teaching the Word of Jesus “cowboy style” to folks just like I was years ago. Tellin’ them all about how good Jesus is and sure loving the Lord and all He has done for me.


Vice President – Mike Weaver

My name is Mike Weaver. Some call me Pastor, some Brother, some Preacher, some Crazy, you name it, but Mike will do. I’m the Senior Pastor at Wild Ride Ministries. Our ministry started out as an outreach at rodeos, bull ridings, barrel racings, and other western world events. In mid 2003, I had some calls from people in the Harper area who were interested in starting a new Cowboy type Church here. Would I come? Long story short: I prayed, God answered YES!

Why the name Wild Ride Ministries and not church? It is our vision to have ministries to reach all sorts of people with all sorts of needs, and that all of our members find the area that God would have them minister in.

Since our inception, Wild Ride Ministries has become a wonderful community based church with a diverse membership consisting of people from all over the Texas Hill Country.

It is my desire to see all people fulfilled in the Lord and we hope you’ll call Wild Ride your home!


Jan Currington -Secretary/Treasurer