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Jeannie Dudley

Jeannie Dudley
Eagle Ranch Ministries
PO Box 26144
Salt Lake City, Ut. 84126

Jennie Dudley first of all is a believer in the LORD JESUS and is proclaiming to the Nations that "JESUS IS LORD". After intense study in the WORD of GOD and putting the WORD to work, Jennie was Ordained by Wilferd & Gertrude Wright son in law and daughter of John G Lake. Called by GOD to "GO FEED MY PEOPLE SPIRIT SOUL AND BODY", Jennie responded to His calling. With Business Management. Ranching and Backcountry Outfitting in her background, Jennie found GOD could speak to her in Ranch Language. "Jennie, when you have hungry people Out Back, you send a Chuck Wagon". "Yes LORD" and she did. The Eagle Ranch Chuck Wagon went to the streets of down town Salt Lake City, Utah and in 21 years the Chuck Wagon has not missed a Sunday Thanksgiving or Christmas, "Feeding His People Spirit Soul & Body ". GOD touching others to come alongside there is now Eagle Ranch Training and Distribution Center (a ranch tool shed full of tools to use for ministry) being used by ERM and many other Churches & Ministries, who are ministering GOD'S GOODNESS to a hurting and dieing world. "THE GOODNESS OF GOD BRINGS MEN TO REPENTANCE".