Each PRCA cowboy in the United States chooses a home circuit at the beginning of the year or is assigned to one that corresponds to his home address. Because of the nature of the different ministries and the fact that the members of CMN are called to the Western World it seemed only natural to set our membership up in the same fashion. So you can see by the map how the circuits are broken up in the US. In other parts of the world they are broken up by the country that they are in.

The Area Advisors are also listed in the Circuit that they reside. As you can see from the map below all you need to do is look at the circuit that you are in and as a member you know who you Area Advisor is. You are always encouraged to call any of the Founders, Directors or Area Advisors but by calling those in your area they may have information that pertains only to your area that someone in another one may not.

If you are looking on the internet you will find this map interactive and when you hold the mouse over the circuit and click on that circuit it will first take you to the Advisors pages and members in that circuit following that.

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